What are we ‘blogging’ about

The intention of this blog is to provide persons interested in boat building, and Sage Marine’s boats (the Sage 17 and Sage 15), with details about what is happening in active boat shop.

Excluding holidays and vacations Sage Marine is open and work is happening Monday-Friday 7:30AM – 4:30PM (though we are commonly in the shop until 5PM or 5:30PM, and also do work on weekends as required).  The shop is a busy place with many projects happening concurrently.

sage 17 in the shop

The Sage 17 pictured above is currently in the shop and about 2/3rd complete.  She will be completed in a couple of weeks (a bit longer than usual with the Thanksgiving Holiday this week) and will be delivered to her owner in February 2015.

Who is the we?  Day-to-day operations are managed and conducted by Matt and Dave.  Generally Matt is working on building the boat, focusing on hardware installation, sub-component construction, and the fiberglass & carbon fiber components.  Dave, again generally, focuses on the boat electrical systems, standing (masts/booms/shrouds) and running (sails/halyards/sheets/control lines) rigging, trailers, and ordering shop supplies & boat components.

So … what is happening today?

To start Matt is putting together a rudder assembly –

matt building rudder

The rudder’s wood components are made by JO Woodworks.  Pintles are made by Garhauer Marine.  The cheek plates, compression posts and the pushrod are manufactured by Spyderco, Sage Marine’s parent company.

Dave, besides typing this post, is going to go to the east side of Denver to collect Sage Marine Trailer Motor Mounts from the galvanizing company (AAZ Galvanizing).

This post is just a ‘taste’ of what will be shared.  To be honest this is a ‘simplistic post’ to get this blog started.  Future posts will cover more detail about a project happening at the shop.

To close – Happy Thanksgiving!

– Dave

One thought on “What are we ‘blogging’ about

  1. RG Watkins says:

    The blog is interesting, am enjoying.

    I’ve met John of JO woodworks ( a fellow Texan) and have visited his shop where he made a part for me. A good guy and quality work. I’m saving my $$ for a Sage..until then, using my Kayak.
    Randy W.


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