Sailing in a community

At times I will chime in with posts like this to outline what is happening at Sage Marine besides carbon fiber, fiberglass, gel coat and teak.

Back in 2010 when Sage Marine was still almost a year away from the first production boat’s construction, Sal, Gail and I had a series of phone conversations and emails where we talked about how the company will be different.  This discussion covered more than just a new boat designed by Jerry Montgomery.  The talk was about how Sage Marine will support the pocket cruiser community.

One focus for Sage Marine is being a resource to all pocket cruisers.  This takes many forms.  One example of this is in sponsoring events that focus on small trailerable sailboats.


Potter Yachter’s Cruiser Challenge on Monterey Bay, CA.

messabout logo

Colorado Indoor Mid-Winter Messabout in Golden, CO.

PYP logo

Port Townsend Pocket Yachter’s Pocket Yacht Palooza in Port Townsend, WA.

ran-tan logo

Wrinkleboat Intergalactic Championship Regatta & Ran-Tan on Lake Pleasant, AZ.

logo button

Sail Oklahoma on Lake Eufaula, OK.


Race To Alaska

The above are some of the events that Sage Marine currently sponsors.  These events, in similar and different ways, celebrate the amazing community that is ‘pocket cruisers’, ‘trailerable sailboats’, ‘mini cruisers’, ‘camp cruisers’ and the many other terms appropriate to this hobby.

“OK Dave, where are you going with this?”

Fair question.  Where I am going is that we need not be ‘solo sailors’.  Yes, one of the great things about sailing is going out and just being with wind, water and craft.  Interspersed with moments of solitude we should come together, socialize, have fellowship and in general have a great amount of fun with other sailors.

Next week I will be heading to Arizona to spend Christmas with my folks.  While there I will meet up with two sailing friends I would have never met if it were not for pocket cruiser events like the ones listed above.  These friends were met thought shared activities and enrich my trailer sailor hobby.  I know that even when I going sailing alone there are people that also enjoy adventuring in the ‘little boats’ I love.

As the new year approaches in encourage you to think about hooking up with others that share your passion.  Plan to take part in an event that allows you to meet people that are like you but also different in how they sail, cruise and live their lives with trailerable sailboats.  Such interactions make us a community.

Trailer sailors get together in Steamboat Cove on Lake Havasu, Arizona.

Trailer sailors get together in Steamboat Cove on Lake Havasu, Arizona.

– Dave

2 thoughts on “Sailing in a community

  1. brent1965 says:


    I’m really glad to see events like this for pocket sailors to attend. We don’t all live on the coast with great sailing waters close by. By having inland events like those listed above, it gives me hope to continue with a sport that I love even though I live in Idaho. Hope to attend a few this next year.



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