Getting ready for the Wrinkle Boat Ran Tan

The 4th annual Wrinkle Boat Ran Tan on Lake Pleasant AZ is fast approaching, Jan 16-18, and is going to be lots of fun.  Dave will have more to say about this event but here in the shop I have been working on a couple of small projects just for this event.  Some small trophies will be awarded to the lucky few and consist of mast parts that Dave cut up along with another novelty trophy for the sailor that traveled the greatest distance to make the event.

mast parts to be used as trophies

mast parts to be used as trophies

To make these somewhat attractive, I made some bases out of teak scraps I had laying around.  In order to attach the mast section I had to make small back pieces which were epoxied to the base.  A counter sink screw hole through the back allowed me to use a screw to fasten the mast piece.

attaching the back piece

attaching the back piece

Not a very complex project but it was a nice change of pace and they work as planned.  If you think you want one than plan on racing on lake pleasant and hopefully you have what it takes.

Nice trophy!

Nice trophy!


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