Drop-In Hatches


After the groove is cut for the window panel I need to cut the paper off where it goes into the wood but leave the paper on the rest to keep the window clean.  It is then ready to be glued up, glue means epoxy, and there is also silicone put in the groove to seal the window and allow for expansion.

trimmed and ready to install

trimmed and ready to install

everything ready for clamping

everything ready for clamping

To do the glue up, I need to get everything ready first.  Clamps are laid out in position and the silicone and parts are set out, then I mix some epoxy.  First I put silicone in the grooves and then epoxy the ends of the teak parts.  When every part is ready I can drop the window into the groove and put the teak all around and then set it on the clamps.

epoxy and silicone on the part

epoxy and silicone on the part

Because of the angled sides, I need cauls to help clamp.  The two bottom clamps bring the side parts in and two more come over the top for the horizontal pieces.

all clamped up

all clamped up

Once the joints are closed up I need to make sure that the horizontal pieces are parallel by measuring the distance between them.  It takes some tweaking with the clamps to get them right on.  Smaller clamps go on the miters to hold them flush.  It helps to wax these clamps so that they do not stick to the teak.

Once it is clamped up, it needs to sit for 5 or 6 hours till the epoxy is cured enough before removing the clamps.  Usually they sit overnight and the epoxy is fully cured and hard.  This is harder to clean up the drips and excess.  After 5 hours it is still a little soft so I can scrape any excess and drips off with a chisel easier.

Next part is keying the miter joints…


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