Bottom paint blues

If you leave a boat in water the bottom will, over time, become a biological experiment.  To limit the amount of growth bottom paint manufacturers use a variety of chemicals in their products.  A common additive is Irgarol made by BASF. It was recently announced that BASF will no longer offer Irgarol.

Details –

I have applied to about 1/3rd of the Sage 17s built, at owner’s request, bottom paint.  Of the paints used three are affected by Irgarol being ‘discontinued’:

A Sage 17 bottom painted with Sea Hawk Cukote.

A Sage 17 bottom painted with Sea Hawk Cukote Biocide Plus.

Sea Hawk, produces Cukote, has offered this solution –

I can find no comment about this issue from Interlux; the manufacturer of VC17 and Micro Extra.

So … if you use a bottom paint that uses Irgarol you may consider making your your bottom paint purchase for the 2015 sailing season (and for the 2016 season) ASAP.

– Dave

3 thoughts on “Bottom paint blues

  1. FOLLOWUP – I received the following from Interlux –

    Irgarol is now owned by BASF who inadvertently allowed the fed registration to laps, They [BASF] are telling us it could be 6 mos before production resumes. We [Interlux] think they are wrong about that and that it could be a year or more in some states. We and others will develop other co-biocides that will work in much the same way as Irgarol but that also takes time. We have maintained registration on older proven technologies to fall back on , Like our best is class Ultra will revert to well embraced Ultra-Kote, and Micron Extra will revert to Micron CSC. In all cases there will be a price decrease and performance will be assured .Some of the other manufactures are not planning to be as forth coming and will continue to use their old name on the non boosted product at or near the same old(higher) price. buyer beware.


  2. Bill Wickett says:

    Dave, first time looking at the blog. I like the style. Seeing the bottom paint blues post brings me to the subject of having to apply bottom paint for the 1st time on my M17. Would you have any tips for cutting in the waterline, across each of the strakes. Previous owner did not appear to take a lot of time or thought in doing this. Might be another blog post to cover this if you are working on any in the shop, post on the Sage forum, or email your thoughts. Thanks.


    • Bill:

      yes, taping a straight line across the lapstrakes can be a challenge. i have already started a post about how it is done. it should be posted shortly.

      REMINDER: you need to put a relief above the waterline when putting on bottom paint. 2″ is a good distance, and when the boat is in the water the relief looks like a boot stripe. if you don’t you will have critters growing along the waterline and a few inches above. i’ll cover this in my ‘how to’ bottom painting post(s).

      — Dave


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