Best Countersink


Every once in a while I come across a tool that is far better than any I have ever used of its type, this is one of those tools.  The Amana Tools Carbide Tipped Countersink performs so much better than anything else that I doubt I will buy another cheap countersink again.  It has two carbide tipped blades that cut fast and clean in all wood types and the bit stays put.  The drill does not attach to the bit but to the countersink and is offered with a quick release or standard shaft.  Most countersinks have a cutting edge and not a true blade and so this is the major performance difference.  I recently cut a bunch of countersinks in teak and did not have to adjust the bit once and there was very little clogging.  Teak is known for dulling edges and regular countersinks loose their bite fast.  This edge did loose some sharpness as I then used it on hard maple and noticed a little performance loss.  The good thing is that the blade can be touched up with a diamond file or honing stone easier than other countersinks.  If you are the type that likes to modify tools for special applications than I would still use a cheaper countersink because you should not grind on this Amana Tools one but for fast countersinks this is the best I have found.


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