Sage 17 AIR BORN sailing on Monterey Bay, CA.

This is a raw video of Sage 17 AIR BORN sailing the down wind leg of the second race of the Cruiser Challenge on Monterey Bay, CA, on 26 July 2015.  AIR BORN took second place in this race and second place in the regatta medium boat class.  1st place honors in the medium sized boats were taken by Sage 17 GOSHAWK sailed by the Sage 17 designer Jerry Montgomery.  You can see GOSHAWK in this video under AIR BORN’s headsail.

The person shown in the video is friend Stan.  You can see the other boats in the medium and large boat classes behind Stan.  The Sage 17s were first and second to finish of all large and medium sized boats.

At 1:36 you can see a yellow hulled boat with a tanbark headsail.  That is the highly modified Potter 19 REGAIL.

3 thoughts on “Sage 17 AIR BORN sailing on Monterey Bay, CA.

  1. John Farnham says:

    Congrats to the two Sage 17’s and their skippers. It appears Air Born is fitted with Johnson Velcro Wrap Pins on the turnbuckles. Recommended?


  2. John. The Velcro Wraps are nice if you like to play with different sets of the rig. I put them on AIR BORN when she was new as I was still playing with the rigging a lot back in 2011. I haven’t re-tuned the rig since mid-2012. The wraps remain as the velcro hasn’t yet been destroyed by UV.


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