Fitting the Sage 15 daggerboard trunk

Jerry & Matt were busy this past week setting up the Sage 15’s daggerboard trunk.  The trunk alignment must be perfect as any deviation will result in the boat having poor performance, or favoring one tack over the other.


The Sage 15 daggerboard is a fiberglass shell.  200 pounds of lead will fill the bulb.

Jerry set the location for the forward bulkhead which he and Matt tabbed into place.


On the completed boat forward this bulkhead will be flotation foam.  The bulkhead strengthens the forward 1/3rd of the hull and supports the v-berth.

With the bulkhead in place Matt cut out the daggerboard slot in the interior liner.


The daggerboard trunk will butt against the rectangular slot.  The square openings port and starboard of the trunk are for the under v-berth storage.  Forward opening will be use to place the flotation foam and then secured.

The daggerboard trunk is a rectangle.  The daggerboard is a foil.  To hold the daggerboard in place plastic bearings will be located at the bottom and top of the trunk.


The daggerboard trunk.


Here Matt is making the template for the daggerboard trunk bearings.

The trunk will be bonded to the inside of the hull over the hull’s daggerboard slot.


The trunk is set over the slot in the hull.  The lockers under the after end of the -berth are good sized … larger than the Sage 17s.


The top daggerboard bearing template in place.


Here the daggerboard is put into the trunk assembly (obviously upside down and with no lead in the bulb) to confirm the sizing of the bearings and the alignment on the trunk.

Over many days Jerry & Matt installed, check, removed, rechecked and re-installed the daggerboard components.   Once everything is perfect they will create an assembly jib to assure each Sage 15’s trunk is always correctly aligned.


The interior of the Sage 15.

– Dave

One thought on “Fitting the Sage 15 daggerboard trunk

  1. Dave, and here i was thinking what a Stud Jerry is holding a 200lb daggerboard upside down like it’s weightless!….Because the one he’s holding was (weightless) LOL! Looking REALLY sweet and Refined! Sage marine is redefining what a REAL TRAILER SAILER CAN BE! Gene


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