Boat show questions

Here are the most common questions asked at the St. Petersburg Boat Show:

Water ballast?

Sage 17 is ballasted by 520# of lead.  400# in the keel and 120# in the centerboard.  The lead is recycled #6 & #8 bb shot.


Can you fly a spinnaker?

Yes, there are Sage 17s with standard spinnakers and cruising asymmetric.


What is the draft?

1’9” centerboard up; 3’6” centerboard down.


How much does the boat weigh?

The standard boat weighs 1300#.  Options add weight; example is the group 25 battery adds 50#.


Can I get the boat without a trailer?



How do you step the mast?

The mast weighs 35# and can be raised and lowered by hand –

A mast raising system is also available –

Is there an alternative to all the external teak?

Yes, all external wood can be replaced with synthetic, plastic, wood such as Starboard.


What size motor?

The recommendation is the Honda 2.3 long (20”) shaft.


How much does the boat cost?

At this time the Sage 17 starts at $25,000.  This includes main, working jib and the trailer.  Details on the what comes with the standard boat –

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