Assembly of the second Sage 15 has begun!

We have started to assemble the second Sage 15!  This boat will be sloop rigged.

hull 1

This is the second S15 hull to be resin infused.  Here Matt and Greg are getting the hull out of the mold.

hull 2

Like the first hull to be infused this part came out with little fuss.  Just some wedges along the flange and tapping along the side of the mold with rubber mallets.

daggerboad hole

After the hull is out of the mold Matt cuts a hole in the hull for the daggerboard.


The daggerboard trunk set in place to confirm sizing of the part and fit along the hull opening.

liner 1

Now the first resin infused hull liner is removed from its mold.

liner 2

Matt is cutting out the hull liner openings.  The ‘long and skinny’ opening is for the daggerboard.  Sage 15’s v-berth is 85″ long … 5″ longer than the Sage 17’s!

liner 3

The two aft square openings, port and starboard the opening for the daggerboard, are for access into the under v-berth storage.  The forward opening is where half of the boat’s flotation foam will be placed; filling the forward half of the v-berth.

test fitting

The hull liner and daggerboard trunk in place for sizing.

Keep tuned to the BLOG for updates as the second Sage 15, boat ‘001’, is put together.


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