Sage 15 sloop build update

Busy assembly week for the first Sage 15 sloop –

daggerboard trunk and bulkhead in place

The daggerboard trunk and forward bulkhead bonded in place.

under cockpit bulkhead and stringers

The support bulkhead and stringers under the cockpit floor have been initially tabbed into place.

matt mixing bonding puddy

Final step before installing the liner – mixing the bonding putty.

hull completely out of mold

Once the liner has been installed the hull can be removed from the mold.

getting deck out of mold

Matt and Greg removing the deck from the mold.

getting deck out of mold 2

After fifteen minutes of tapping on the deck and using wedges the deck assembly ‘pops’ out.

first reisin infused deck

This is the first deck to be resin infused. On top of the house is the mast step at the approximate location for the sloop rigged Sage 15.

This boat still needs a name … have an idea?  The person with the best suggestion during the Name The Sage 15 sloop Contest’ wins two Spyderco knives!

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