ASOLARE sailing at 9017′

On Monday, 18 July ’16, prototype Sage 15 sloop ASOLARE went for a sail on Lake Dillon, Colorado.

ASOLARE on dillon

Very light winds … once there was a puff that got us sailing at 4 knots.  seems that first sails for Sage 15s on Lake Dillon are drifters. Most of the sail the winds were enough to move the boat at 1 or so knots.

Used ‘Facebook Live‘ to post a couple of videos of ASOLARE sailing.  Check them out on Sage Marine’s Facebook Page –

These videos are ‘raw’, no editing, and not of the best visual quality as I didn’t have good signal for cell data.

ASOLARE is back on her trailer and now heads to Monterey Bay, CA, to take part in the Cruiser Challenge the 22-24 of July ’16.


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