BIG TRUCK v little boat

Story one, of many, about the Cruiser Challenge trip & event –

bad truck 2

Dodge Ram truck … not what you want to see coming up fast!

Sal & Gail towed Sage 15 sloop ASOLARE from Golden to Monterery, CA. While passing through Sacramento, CA, in heavy traffic they were rear ended. The driver was ‘distracted’ (let us say this together, ‘don’t use you cell phone while driving!’).

The driver was ‘good enough’ to turn away from the boat and the trailer mostly took the hit. ASOLARE received hull scuffs on her aft port side. NO structural damage! The trailers driver’s side indicator light and frame will need attention when back in Golden, CO.

trailer damage

Even after this the trailer light still works!

The Dodge, as picture below … looking the worse for wear after playing in close quarters with a Sage 15 and Pacific Boat Trailer.

bad truck 1

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