Cruiser Challenge – Boat Launching Day.

This is the second post about the happenings during the 2016 Cruiser Challenge on Monterey Bay, CA.

After ASOLARE’s near miss with the Dodge Ram we, meaning Sal, Gail and Dave, looked forward to a day of boat launching, talking with fellow pocket cruisers and the arrival of Jerry Montgomery with SageCat.

Many folks stopped to look at the Sage 15 sloop and watch the boat get ready for the water. Prior to noon both ASOLARE and GOSHAWK were rigged and launched.

sages in monterey

Sage 15 sloop ASOLARE and Sage 17 GOSHAWK in the Monterey Marina’s parking lot.

Jerry arrived just after the lunch hour and Dave assisted in rigging SageCat. All went well and by mid-afternoon all boats were in the water.

Sal & Jerry spent some time talking on SageCat about the boat’s performance and changes Jerry had made over the past few months.

sagecat in monterey

Jerry, left, and Sal, right under the boom, talk boats.

Over dinner much discussion about preparations for Sage 15, sloop and cat, production were had. Most of this focused on the activities in Golden to prepare the larger fiberglass shop in addition to a few specifics on how the boats will be assembled.

Maybe a topic should have been race tactics? More or this to come …

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