Sailing with friends

This past weekend Dave (aka, me the person typing this post) met up with a group of friends at Eleven Mile State Park (CO).  This group of sailors, who first met at the now defunct Lake Havasu Arizona sailor get-together, arrived with a variety of craft to enjoy sailing on this high elevation lake.  In the fleet were Sage 15 ASOLARE, sporting a temporary catboat rig, and a Sage 17 from Texas.


The weather was very nice with 70 degree days and cool nights … nice for people but the sailing was sedate as the daytime winds were 1-5kts.  This isn’t to say there wasn’t wind, especially during the late afternoon thunderstorms.  Being on a high mountain lake with a tall lightning rod isn’t the safest so no high-wind catboat rig testing was conducted.

What was confirmed is that folks really liked the look of the Sage 15, the cabin and cockpit accommodations, and the modern catboat rig.  On the water the catboat rig again proved it will sail in what seems to be no wind.


Center: Sage 15 ASOLARE;  left: Sage 17 from TX (not yet named); and right: a Hobie Mirage Tandem Island.

At this time the resin infusion deck strength has been confirmed so ASOLARE will be converted back to a sloop.  Sage 15 SAGECAT, the prototype catboat hull, will get her standing rig back over the next couple of days.  Sea trails on both boats will continue with emphasis on the catboat setup.

The second SageCat prototype is being built and will be attending the October Annapolis Sailboat Show.  Let us know if you want to see the boat by sending an email to or calling 800-621-1065.

NOTE: a Sage 17 will also be at the show.  Sage Marine’s spaces at the show are ‘land sites 80&81’.

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