SageCat is again a cat

Over the past week work has been done to upgrade SAGECAT, the prototype Sage 15 catboat, to reflect the advancements made on the Sage 15 sloop ASOLARE.

Since early August Sage 15 ASOLARE has been sailing with the catboat rig.  The was done primarily to test the strength of the resin infused deck.  Testing was also done on the catboat standing rig, including the tabernacle post, reefing systems, and mainsheet cockpit floor block and bail on the boom locations.  These tests have been conducted with good success … though we still want to sail the catboat rig in stronger winds.


SAGECAT’s cockpit full of tools and boat parts. The hardware on the cabin/cockpit bulkhead starboard (right) of the companionway is for the daggerboard raising system.

Besides getting her standing and running rig back, SAGECAT has also been modified with the following improvements –

  • retrofitted to have the same daggerboard raising system as ASOLARE.
  • mainsheet cockpit floor block moved forward.
  • changes to how the sail control lines are routed to the cockpit.
  • cabin top handrails

Handrails in place on SAGECAT’s cabin top. The improved tabernacle post is also in place with new hardware to send the lines aft to the cockpit.

With two S15s ‘water ready’ we will now begin testing the boats at the same time to compare their performance similarities and differences.


Catboat rig back on SAGECAT.


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