SageCat and Sage 15 updates

Since early December a lot of the shop activity has focused on the new Sage 15/SageCat deck mold


Final fitting of the slider hatch to confirm the design of the companionway.


The companionway opening is filled in to complete the plug.  Now comes lots of sanding.


The deck plug covered with gel coat and the first, of many, fiberglass layers to make the mold.

Once the deck mold is complete it is stabilized with a metal framework.  The frame used on the first deck is going to be used on the new deck.

In addition to the new deck mold a new ‘horn’, the post that the catboat mast is stepped on the foredeck, has been made in addition to a new companionway slider hatch –


The SageCat ‘horn’ plug all sanded are ready to have mold release wax applied.


The plug covered with tooling gel coat and the first layers of mold fiberglass applied.


The early stage of making the Sage 15/SageCat companionway slider hatch.  The hatch is the same size as that used on the Sage 17.


The completed slider hatch plug.


Completed ‘horn’ and slider hatch molds.

As mold work progresses the first production SageCat hull and interior have begun assembly –

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