Raising and lowering

Sage 15 and SageCat use a daggerboard ballasted by 220# of lead for windward ability, directional stability and righting moment.  The fiberglass shell and lead makes the overall board weight about 250 or so pounds.  This isn’t something that most of us can lift without mechanical advantage.


ASOLARE’s, Sage 15 #001, daggerboard in the down position.

To raise and lower the SageCat & Sage 15 daggerboards a series of blocks, a winch and a winch handle are used. The force needed at the winch handle is about 19 pounds.

A line runs from the top of the board, to the cabin top, outboard (starboard) and then aft through a seven-to-one block and tackle.  The line then runs through the cabin wall, turns 180 degrees to the cabin top winch.

wide view of the daggerboard control line.

The daggerboard control line is red and goes from the head, top, of the board to starboard and then aft.

daggerboard line on cabin top.

The daggerboard control line running aft.

Daggerboard control line on cabin top.

The daggerboard control line, far starboard (right), comes through the cabin bulkhead then up and forward to the winch.

The control line is connected to the daggerboard with a snap shackle.  When the board is down the control line can be disconnected from the daggerboard making the berth obstruction free.  Over the starboard (right) cabin seat the blocks can also be disconnected freeing up some headroom for those seated in the cabin.


V-berth, 85″ long, is completely open with daggerboard control line disconnected.  (NOTE: this picture taken in prototype SageCat, #000, and the cabin windows are different than on the production boats.)

2 thoughts on “Raising and lowering

  1. John G. says:

    Lovely interior, folks: great to have sitting headroom and opening portlights. Clever integration of the lifting keel. Congratulations!


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