Word received from Howard Rice!

Small Craft Advisor (SCA) magazine has heard from Howard!  He is safe and recuperating.

He sounded utterly exhausted and, frankly, not entirely lucid. In short, he sounded like someone who had just survived a harrowing mental and physical ordeal.

… it didn’t surprise me to learn we’d gotten some of the story wrong, but what did surprise me was just how bad it had been for Howard and “Southern Cross”—far worse than the incomplete version I described in my last post.

… previous post that Howard had endured 40+ knot winds. That was a gross error based on some confusion with the translation. What was mistakenly described to me as 83 kilometer-per-hour winds (44 knots) were in fact 83 mile-per-hour or 70-knot winds.

… Southern Cross [the SCAMP sailboat] was completely upside down. He said there was no increasing heel or motion indicating what was about to happen—this time he just found himself suddenly underwater beneath the boat. He managed to swim out from under her and just as he was pulling himself up on the skeg to attempt another righting, another blast came through and tore him away from the boat.

Read SCA’s report by clicking on this link –


At the end of SCA’s report is a link for those wishing to provide a donation to assist Howard in recovering the boat.

4 thoughts on “Word received from Howard Rice!

  1. HARRY ELMSLIE says:

    Totally floored!Thanks for the update.I tried to donate but the site wouldn’t allow me to put in an amount.Harry Elmslie

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