Howard Rice update – 10 March ’17

Dave, being me the person typing this post, just got off the phone with Howard Rice.  Howard wished to let Dave and everyone at Sage Marine and Spyderco, Sage’s sister company, know he is doing well and getting stronger each day, after being blown off his Small Craft Advisor magazine SCAMP in cyclonic strength winds during his Cape Horn adventure.

The boat, Southern Cross, is in excellent condition and the cleat failure reported a few days ago was actually damaged while the boat was being pulled onto the Chilean fishing boat that assisted Howard in the recovery.  Howard said SCAMP Southern Cross was essentially in perfect condition when he arrived at her location.

During the call Howard gave Dave a small glimpse into the adventure.  The stories he will share will (are) amazing!

Howard on a Sage 17

Howard Rice, standing in the cockpit, during a Sage 17 Skills Camp in Port Townsend, WA, August 2013.

2 thoughts on “Howard Rice update – 10 March ’17

  1. Gary O says:

    Glad to hear all is well considering the near catastrophe. A testament to Howard’s seamanship and build skills. Good luck in your recovery and continuation of the adventure.


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