Details on Howard Rice’s Cape Horn Adventure

The BLOG detailing Howard Rice‘s Cape Horn adventure now has a detailed post about the multiple capsizes experienced in his Small Craft Advisor magazine SCAMP Southern Cross, swim to land and rescue by the Chilean Armada.

A few quotes –

His story is inspirational, amazing, chilling and multi faceted including an astounding act of will that culminated in a race to save his boat. The boat rescue is a story in itself complete with a competing salvage attempt by another boat …

After one month of voyaging he reckoned he had been on land for less than three hours and was happy to be living aboard, very happy as he had established a daily routine.

… the winds Howard faced were 66 to 72 knots with winds in the 90 to 100 knot range in the Tromba’s. In“Tromba” wind conditions, bursts of double the base wind can be expected.

It was the thoughts of losing his wife, his family and his many friends that kept him going in the most difficult of times in the water and the longest of nights in the open on land in deadly conditions.


Read the full report –

Links to prior updates on Howard –

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