Want to see a Sage 15 or SageCat in June 2017?

Question for our followers:

This summer Sage Marine will not be attending the Cruiser Challenge on Monterey Bay, CA (happens in late July ’17) as we have other events that conflict.

4th of july 2016

Sage 15 sloop ASOLARE sailing on Port Townsend Bay, WA, June 2016.

We want to show the Sage 15 or SageCat along the west coast and wonder whom would like to see the boat and go for a sail? After the start to Race to Alaska we are looking at heading south along Interstate 5 to ‘show off the boat’.Besides showing the boat in Port Townsend, WA, should we stop in Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia, WA? Portland, OR? Fern Ridge, OR? Northern CA? San Fran, CA? Monterey, CA?Long Beach, CA? San Diego, CA? Other locations along the I-5 corridor? The dates will be the middle/late June 2017.

Whom would be interested? Respond here, send an email to info@sagemarine.com or call 800-621-1065.


SageCat sailing Port Townsend Bay, WA, December 2016.

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