Sage 15/SageCat electrical system

How much should one complicate a 15′ boat?  This has been a primary discussion during development of the Sage 15/SageCat.  One area a boat can be made complicated is with an electrical system.  Water isn’t friendly to electrical components and the vibrations a trailerable boat experiences going down the road are equally unkind.  There is also the issue of cost … the more extensive the electrical system the price increases.  Marine rated components are expensive as is the time to install all the parts.

For the Sage 15/SageCat (S15/SC) the focus is on what can be installed quickly and with the least cost while not cutting corners on the quality of the installed system.  Looking at how the boat will be used the electrical system solves these problems –

  • charging handheld devices: cell phone(s), GPS, VHF and laptop/tablet computer
  • cabin lighting
  • running lights
  • anchor light

Wiring for running and anchor lights is extensive.  The installation of the wiring also complicates boat assembly.  With this in mind the offing will be battery operated LED lights that are US Coast Guard certified.  Details on these lights and there installation and use will be covered in a later post.

Now for handheld charging and cabin lighting a smaller battery can be used and the amount of wiring is significantly decreased.  The plan is to have a U-1 battery, a battery charger, a couple of 12V charging ports and a cabin light.


Schematic to figure the needed components.


Components ready for installation.

With the parts on hand placing them in the boat begins …


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