Sage Marine June 2017 West Coast Tour

A SageCat will be at the start to Race To Alaska in Port Townsend, WA. The 4-to-5 days prior to 8 June ’17 if you would like to go for a demo sail let us know – or call 800-621-1065.

After the start to Race to Alaska we are still looking at making stops along I-5 to ‘show off the boat’. Let us know if you would like us to stop so you can take a look, and if near water, launch the SageCat and go for a sail.

At this time interest has been shown for the boat to stop in North Seattle, Portland, OR, and San Francisco Bay. Are there other locations along I-5 we should stop? Tacoma, WA? Olympia, WA? Fern Ridge, OR.? Nothern CA? Monterey Bay, CA? Long Beach, CA? San Diego, CA?  The ‘I-5’ dates will be the middle/late June 2017.

Whom would be interested? Respond here, send an email to or call 800-621-1065.