Sage Marine June 2017 West Coast Tour

A SageCat will be at the start to Race To Alaska in Port Townsend, WA. The 4-to-5 days prior to 8 June ’17 if you would like to go for a demo sail let us know – or call 800-621-1065.

After the start to Race to Alaska we are still looking at making stops along I-5 to ‘show off the boat’. Let us know if you would like us to stop so you can take a look, and if near water, launch the SageCat and go for a sail.

At this time interest has been shown for the boat to stop in North Seattle, Portland, OR, and San Francisco Bay. Are there other locations along I-5 we should stop? Tacoma, WA? Olympia, WA? Fern Ridge, OR.? Nothern CA? Monterey Bay, CA? Long Beach, CA? San Diego, CA?  The ‘I-5’ dates will be the middle/late June 2017.

Whom would be interested? Respond here, send an email to or call 800-621-1065.

Cruiser Challenge Race Day (Part One)

Saturday 23 July 2016

The morning’s Captain’s Meeting covered the race course, rules (starboard over port, leeward of windward, give room at the mark, play nice), and the start sequence. Past years there had been a lot of challenges getting each race started do to confusion between the start boat and the fleets. This year each fleet has an assigned start time. For the Sage 15s this was the small boat fleet starting at 11:30am, race one, and 1:30pm, race two. Each race would be signaled with a 5-minute warning and then radio calls up to the start. No flags, no race course changes, and only limited use of horns.

captains meeting

Jerry Montgomery, on the right in the long sleeved white t-shirt, checks his racecourse notes during the Captains Meeting.

Once the meeting ended crews headed to their boats. I first went to a favorite sandwich shop to get lunch to be eaten on-board between race one & two. The sandwich shop had only disappointment … the cook had called out and there was no one to make my lunch. I made do with a bag of trail mix and jerky.

Once I arrived on ASOLARE I confirmed the cabin was set for racing and cast off.

Out of the marina I raised sail and headed for the start line. The wind was blowing 12-15kts and the ocean swell was up with additional 1′-2′ wind waves. I tacked around the start line to get a feel for the boat and sea and then headed towards the marina to meet Jerry in SageCat. Jerry the main up and was getting the outboard out of the water when I arrived. I sailed past and then tacked to match his course, a bit to his windward side.

SageCat was moving well with the single sail pulling hard. Then … BOOM! (yes, the rig made a boom sound.)

CLICK HERE to see the video of the mast going down.

Down went the mast. I luffed up and looked to see that Jerry was OK. He was sitting in the cockpit a shocked look on his face. I hailed him and he said he was unhurt and OK. I dropped sail and motored close to see how I could assist.

Jim ‘Goose’ Goseman(sic), the event coordinator, arrived on the scene in his modified Potter 19 and was talked with Jerry. Both turned to me and said, ‘we got this, go sailing!’

SageCat at Monterey

SageCat is in the center of the photo, right of the Potter 15 with the tanbark sail and to the left of the Potter 19 with the yellow hull.

At this point the 1st race is starting in five or so minutes and I quickly raised sail and headed for the start line.

I started about 10 seconds behind and to leeward Dan Phy in his Montgomery 15 SIX. During this leg I chased SIX down and reaching the Monterey Marina breakwater ahead, but to leeward, and tacked. I crossed SIX’s stern about thirty seconds later headed, I thought, on a good line for the windward mark.

In order to pass the windward mark I realized I needed to go a good distance to weather. Dan had a better line and reached the weather mark with a much shorter third and fourth tacks. I missed the mark on my third tack and needed a fourth and fifth to make the mark. I was about two minutes behind Dan.

Heading for the leeward mark I had some difficulty getting the whisker pole in place … single handing makes going forward off the wind challenging even with a TillerClutch to hold a course. Dan was sailing with Dave Bacon so they quickly set SIX’s sails for the downwind leg.

While heading down wind to the leeward mark I did well and gained back half the time I had lost when not clearing the windward mark in four tacks.  Clearing the leeward mark I executed a quick jibe and crossed the finish line one minute behind SIX.

Good sailing Dan & Dave B.!

Cruiser Challenge – Boat Launching Day.

This is the second post about the happenings during the 2016 Cruiser Challenge on Monterey Bay, CA.

After ASOLARE’s near miss with the Dodge Ram we, meaning Sal, Gail and Dave, looked forward to a day of boat launching, talking with fellow pocket cruisers and the arrival of Jerry Montgomery with SageCat.

Many folks stopped to look at the Sage 15 sloop and watch the boat get ready for the water. Prior to noon both ASOLARE and GOSHAWK were rigged and launched.

sages in monterey

Sage 15 sloop ASOLARE and Sage 17 GOSHAWK in the Monterey Marina’s parking lot.

Jerry arrived just after the lunch hour and Dave assisted in rigging SageCat. All went well and by mid-afternoon all boats were in the water.

Sal & Jerry spent some time talking on SageCat about the boat’s performance and changes Jerry had made over the past few months.

sagecat in monterey

Jerry, left, and Sal, right under the boom, talk boats.

Over dinner much discussion about preparations for Sage 15, sloop and cat, production were had. Most of this focused on the activities in Golden to prepare the larger fiberglass shop in addition to a few specifics on how the boats will be assembled.

Maybe a topic should have been race tactics? More or this to come …


Sage 17 and 15 sailing in Colorado

Demo Sage 17 AIR BORN is now on Lake Dillon, CO, and ready for summer Colorado sailing. If you would like to go for a sail send Sage Marine a note at

Prototype Sage 15 sloop ASOLARE is at the shop and undergoing a few modifications before more sea trails.

ASOLARE will be heading to the Cruiser Challenge in Monterey, CA, for the weekend of 22-24 July ’16. In Monterey ASOLARE will be meeting up with the prototype Sage 15 catboat (aka, SageCat) for head to head testing and racing.

The 17th Annual Cruiser Challenge will be 22/23/24 July 2016

The Cruiser Challenge is a great get together by The Potter Yachters at Monterey Bay, CA. Friday, 22 July, folks arrive, rig and get boats into the water. the racing (low key type) is Saturday 23 July. folks not wanting to race are warmly welcomed. so come out and join the fun!

dockside social time

Social time at the docks during the 2015 Cruiser Challenge.

New details for 2016 from the event organizer –

for 2016 there is additional activity … so even more fun, if that’s possible. A new and simple “set time” starting sequence will be in place allowing those with motors to get to the starting line at the correct time. As those sailing will still have right-of-way, anyone using their motors will not have any advantage. The fastest sailors will prove themselves on the course, but everyone will have a better chance to start with the pack. Also, at the PY’ers annual meeting last Sunday, I [Goose, the event organizer] put out the suggestion that intrepid sailors looking for a fresh experiences launch at Moss Landing on Friday, sail down 3-4hrs to Monterey for Cruiser Challenge activities Saturday, and sail back to Moss on Sunday for some fleet whale watching and/or informal racing.

There will be no Dory Taylor Cup [the race traditionally happening on Sunday] this year, so we need some more FUN on Sunday. I will be checking on launch/parking arrangements at Moss. I understand that if conditions are not favorable, that shuttling rigs back to Monterey for retrieval is no big deal (30-45min each way). Also, this would not be an official Potter-Yachter function, or part of the Cruiser Challenge … but I think would be fun to join others who have done this trip in past years. Not for beginners, and as always, everyone is responsible for themselves. VERY IMPORTANTLY, as this would impact our reserved parking arrangements with the city of Monterey (which we have to commit big $$$ to well before the event), anyone considering cruising in should contact me [Goose] at your earliest convenience.

Thanks, Goose

p.s. Whale counts and passage times will be duly noted and bragging rights awarded

Here is the link to the Cruiser Challenger www-site –

Sage 17 AIR BORN sailing on Monterey Bay, CA.

This is a raw video of Sage 17 AIR BORN sailing the down wind leg of the second race of the Cruiser Challenge on Monterey Bay, CA, on 26 July 2015.  AIR BORN took second place in this race and second place in the regatta medium boat class.  1st place honors in the medium sized boats were taken by Sage 17 GOSHAWK sailed by the Sage 17 designer Jerry Montgomery.  You can see GOSHAWK in this video under AIR BORN’s headsail.

The person shown in the video is friend Stan.  You can see the other boats in the medium and large boat classes behind Stan.  The Sage 17s were first and second to finish of all large and medium sized boats.

At 1:36 you can see a yellow hulled boat with a tanbark headsail.  That is the highly modified Potter 19 REGAIL.