Busy boat shop and June plans

We have been very busy these past few months causing us to be slow in updating this BLOG and our forum; BUT over the past months there have been MANY posts on our Facebook and Instagram feeds (LOTS of pictures on Instagram).  There are also updates on our Twitter account.  For day-to-day Sage Marine activities these ‘social medial sites’ are a great way for you to see what we are up to.

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So what have we been busy with? Boat building and boat fixing!  New Sage 15s and SageCats are going out the door every couple of weeks in addition to Sage 17s.

In addition to building new boats we are are busy helping folks get their older boats ready for the sailing season …

… including assisting a Race to Alaska team preparing their Jerry Montgomery design for the run north from Port Townsend to Ketchikan.

This week Dave, the one typing this post, will be putting together a prototype Sage 15/SageCat electrical system.  Follow along as the system goes into the boat and the testing happens during the Puget Sound June Cruise.

This upcoming month, June 2017, Dave will be on the road and showing a SageCat on the Sage Marine West Coast Tour.  I you would like to see the boat please let us know (info@sagemarine.com & 800-621-1065).

I will be updating the social media feeds during my travels. Besides general SageCat showing I will also be taking a multi-day cruise around Northern Puget Sound.  My crew during the trip, and copilot while driving, will be the sailing & road tripping cat Momma Kitty.

momma kitty after R2AK crossing 2015

Momma Kitty in the cabin of Sage 17 001 AIR BORN after crossing the Strait of Juan de Fuca during the first leg of the 2015 Race to Alaska.


2016 Wrinkleboat Ran-Tan

Each January owners of Jerry Montgomery and Lyle Hess designs get together on Lake Pleasant, Arizona, to enjoy some wonderful Winter sailing.  For the past five years the ‘winkleboats’ (ie, boats with lapstrake styled hulls) are the largest fleet taking part in the Arizona Yacht Club’s Birthday Regatta.

Details about the event –


The event is called ‘wrinkleboat’ (a tongue in cheek joke about the lapstrake hulls looking like they are wrinkled) and in reality all trailer sailor pocket cruisers are invited to attend.

Some information for those interested in attending – with a boat or not –

We have a couple of sailors expressing a desire to crew at the 2016 WrinkleBoat Intergalactic Championship Regatta and Ran-Tan – (who wouldn’t want to participate ? ?)

Send us a note using the ‘Contact Us’ form [on the Wrinkleboat’s www-site] if you have a position available – these are not ‘multiperson crews in uniforms’ so if you have a spot, need crew or would like to share the experience and we will try to make proper matches.

Marty C. crewed for me during the 2015 event – I made a new sailor friend, had fun and Marty helped produce great results !

Rumor has it there will be a new ‘fathead’ sailing there with it’s designer driving – unconfirmed but…true.

Thanks for your interest!

Have Fun, Come Sailing in the desert in January 2016!

– Gary O

This is a great event … as much fun on land sharing stories and skills with fellow pocket cruiser sailors as the challenge oneself on the racecourse.

– Dave