Resin infusing a SageCat deck

The first production SageCat is being assembled.  Last week the new deck mold was completed and now the first deck has been made.

Here are some pictures of the deck being prepared for resin infusion


The deck mold has been buffed, sealed and treated with mold release.  It is now ready for gel coat.


A ‘skin coat’ of fiberglass mat is applied to stabilize the gel coat and limit any fiberglass print-through.


Over the structural fiberglass and balsa core peel ply is placed to assure the flow media comes off the part. Flow media assures the entire deck structure receives the correct amount of vinylester resin.


Over the flow media the vacuum bag is placed.  The vacuum pump is the machine in the lower-right of the picture.

Vacuum is applied to check that there are no leaks in the bag.   If no leaks the resin is mixed and the part is infused –


A 5-gallon bucket holds the vinylester resin that is ‘sucked’ into the deck mold.

Here is a quick video shows a portion of the SageCat deck being risen infused –

After the part has been fully infused the vacuum bag and infusion media are removed.  The interior side of the deck is now prepped for gel coat –


The deck after the infusion bag and flow media are removed.


Here you can see some of the flow media after being peeled off the deck.


Deck interior side has been prepped and is now ready for gel coat.

Now the deck interior finish is sprayed –


Wearing a ‘bunny suit’ Matt safety sprays gel coat in the spray booth.


Annual Colorado Indoor Mid-Winter Messabout is Saturday 28 January 2017

The yearly Colorado Indoor Messabout will be 28 January 2017 (a Saturday) at Sage Marine’s shop in Golden, CO.

  • When – Saturday, January 28, 2017 — 1 to 6 pm
  • Where – Sage Marine — 820 Spyderco Drive, Golden CO (metal building North of SpyderCo building, entrance is on the West side – shipping containers out front)
  • Cost – $ 00000000000000000000.00
  • Agenda – Free flowing dialog, large screen TV available to show off your boat/boating trip/boat project/almost anything boatish) from a flash drive. There will be a resin infusion demonstration (ie, how the Sage 15 & SageCats are made). We welcome anyone having a boat project (completed or in progress) to bring it (ex, the boat) along and be prepared for discussion. There will be space and time for you to say a few words, but only if you want to. It’s a very very informal setting.
  • Food – Light snacks and beverages will be provided. you are welcome to bring something to share, but definitely not required
  • Book and gear exchange – anyone can bring boating books, magazines and/or boating gear they no longer want to keep but would like to see them appreciated by others. A place where you can browse through and take any book, magazine or gear that sparks your interest. Completely free to add to or take from and of course exchange ideas.
  • Hosts – Dave Scobie, Johnny Walker & Paul Breeding
  • Questions or concerns – Paul Breeding

See you on the 28th of January!

-Dave, Johnny & Paul

PS – You do not need to live in Colorado to be invited, feel free to share this with your boating friends.

Pictures & videos of Sage 15 sloop sailing

Here are pictures and videos of the prototype Sage 15 sloop ASOLARE sailing Port Townsend Bay, Puget Sound, WA.