Day 8 of Cody’s San Juan Islands Cruise

Cody spends the day in Roche Harbor exploring and seeing the sights –

roche harbor mausoleumThe wind forecast or the day had called for a sustained breeze of about 17 knots from the north. This, I figured, was probably not the best type of day for us to make our longest jump from Roche Harbor, all the way back to Fisherman Bay on Lopez Island, so we made the decision to stay put for the day. Roche Harbor is a beautiful resort town on the northwest tip of San Juan Island. The marina is full of numerous multi-million dollar yachts and the resort is quite an upscale place. It is all built around an old lime and concrete quarry operation which operated in the late 1800s and early 1900s. We had ice cream, browsed the few shops there, and hiked to an eerie old mausoleum secluded in a forest which more closely resembles a site for ceremonies than any other mausoleum I’ve ever seen. Although slightly creepy, it is a beautiful setting and structure and I would happily recommend the hike to go see it.

Roche HarborWe made it back into Roche Harbor from our hike just in time to watch their nightly “colors” ceremony where the entire place comes to a standstill as the flags are lowered to their various anthems. I nearly had a cardiac event when they set off a small cannon just before lowing the old stars and stripes. It seemed that only the three of us from our boat were startled by it, so I’m guessing we were some of the only first timers there.

Earlier in the day I had bumped into one of the old sailors I’ve known and raced against back in southeast Washington. He and his wife had brought their Seaward 26 up to the islands for a few weeks, a trip which they make nearly every summer. They showed us great hospitality and invited us to enjoy a ginger beer aboard their lovely boat. Another great help they offered us was to leave our portable phone charging power bank to charge on their shore power overnight. This was our only means of electrical power and I would hook it up to a 15w solar panel during the day to charge and then we would all charge our phones off of the battery at night. This worked well when I was alone, but you can imagine how much cell phone usage (and associated charging needed) happens when you have two young women in their late 20’s and early 30’s on vacation together sailing through and exploring beautiful islands. Needless to say, our battery bank was nearly depleted and the overnight charge was much appreciated!

We were all exhausted again from the sun and busy day, so we went back out to the boat and watched an episode of Friends on Netflix while laying in bed. Not a single one of us was awake to see the end of that 20 minute episode.

SageCat cruise report

SageCat owner Cody sent a report on his cruise of Washington State’s San Juan Islands in late July ’17 –

I had a fantastic cruise in the San juans aboard Sagecat! The first 4 days I spent alone shaking the boat down in cruising trim and the last 6 days and nights were with my wife and one of her best girlfriends and our dog. I was extremely cautious and tentative about how the boat would do with 3 adults and cruising gear aboard but she did great! Her sailing performance was still quite good and we were all able to sleep, cook and lounge aboard. I never tied up to a dock for the entire trip and used an inflatable SUP to shuttle the girls one at a time to shore each day! The v berth is a marvel as all 3 of us were able to sleep, albeit snugly, lying shoulder to shoulder. A big hats off to Jerry on the design and to you all at Sage Marine for a top notch build!

The pics below are of an approximation of our route and one of us at anchor on the south shore of Jones Island.



Thanks for sharing Cody!

Sage 15 sloop build update

Busy assembly week for the first Sage 15 sloop –

daggerboard trunk and bulkhead in place

The daggerboard trunk and forward bulkhead bonded in place.

under cockpit bulkhead and stringers

The support bulkhead and stringers under the cockpit floor have been initially tabbed into place.

matt mixing bonding puddy

Final step before installing the liner – mixing the bonding putty.

hull completely out of mold

Once the liner has been installed the hull can be removed from the mold.

getting deck out of mold

Matt and Greg removing the deck from the mold.

getting deck out of mold 2

After fifteen minutes of tapping on the deck and using wedges the deck assembly ‘pops’ out.

first reisin infused deck

This is the first deck to be resin infused. On top of the house is the mast step at the approximate location for the sloop rigged Sage 15.

This boat still needs a name … have an idea?  The person with the best suggestion during the Name The Sage 15 sloop Contest’ wins two Spyderco knives!

Assembly of the second Sage 15 has begun!

We have started to assemble the second Sage 15!  This boat will be sloop rigged.

hull 1

This is the second S15 hull to be resin infused.  Here Matt and Greg are getting the hull out of the mold.

hull 2

Like the first hull to be infused this part came out with little fuss.  Just some wedges along the flange and tapping along the side of the mold with rubber mallets.

daggerboad hole

After the hull is out of the mold Matt cuts a hole in the hull for the daggerboard.


The daggerboard trunk set in place to confirm sizing of the part and fit along the hull opening.

liner 1

Now the first resin infused hull liner is removed from its mold.

liner 2

Matt is cutting out the hull liner openings.  The ‘long and skinny’ opening is for the daggerboard.  Sage 15’s v-berth is 85″ long … 5″ longer than the Sage 17’s!

liner 3

The two aft square openings, port and starboard the opening for the daggerboard, are for access into the under v-berth storage.  The forward opening is where half of the boat’s flotation foam will be placed; filling the forward half of the v-berth.

test fitting

The hull liner and daggerboard trunk in place for sizing.

Keep tuned to the BLOG for updates as the second Sage 15, boat ‘001’, is put together.


Sage 17 in St. Petersburg, Florida

Sage 17 has arrived in St Petersburg. Show setup is Wednesday. The show is 3-6 December 2015.

See show updates and pictures on the Sage Marine Facebook page –