Sage 15 Resin Infusion

Over the past couple of months work has been progressing on getting the Sage 15 molds ready for resin infusion.  This involved various tests to confirm the molds have no leaks and installing a flange for the vacuum lines.

hull and liner molds

All that work has now been completed and the first Sage 15 is ready to be infused!


hull sprayed

First the finish color gel coat is sprayed into the hull mold.

hull blacked

After the finish gel coat is sprayed the hull is coated with black.  This assures that sun will not show through the hull on a bright and sunny day.

fiberglass mat

After the hull is ‘blacked’ a light layer of fiberglass mat is put in place.  The mat stabilizes the gel coat in the mold and reduces and ‘print though’ of the layup fabric used to build the hull.

The hull is now ready for layup.

laying up the hull

Fiberglass being layed into the hull.  The glass is dry and held in place with a special adhesive that doesn’t interfere with the infusion process.

laying up the hull 2

Matt puts the final touches on the layup.

Infusion time!

infusion system

Infusion fabric and flow grids are installed over the fiberglass layup.

vacuum test

The infusion bag is put in place and vacuum tested.


Resin begins to flow!

infusing done


This hull is the second prototype and will be rigged as a sloop.  Assembly will begin in April in preparation for the local lakes loose their covering of ice and snow.  Once the lakes are clear, and the boat assembled, sloop sea trials will begin.

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