Cody’s SageCat Cruise Adventure – Part 1

Cody has been kind enough to expand the report on his San Juan Island trip report. Here is the first installment!

Day One

An ever increasing feeling of nervousness grew inside me as I looked out over Rosario Strait for the first time. I stood in Washington Park in Anacortes, WA after a long day’s drive from my home in northeastern Oregon just as the sun was setting, knowing that I would be crossing this stretch of water the next morning. I had been following the wind forecast for the previous week and with each passing day, the forecast for my departure day had been increasing. As I looked again out over the strait, it seemed peaceful enough, but the winds were on the rise and I had not much of an idea what to expect. After all, this would be my first time sailing in salt water, dealing with tides and their associated currents, in unfamiliar islands, in a boat on which I had little experience, and single handed. What could go wrong? I curled up in the cabin of Sweet Potato, my new Sagecat, and drifted off into a nervous slumber.launch ramp

SageCat cruise report

SageCat owner Cody sent a report on his cruise of Washington State’s San Juan Islands in late July ’17 –

I had a fantastic cruise in the San juans aboard Sagecat! The first 4 days I spent alone shaking the boat down in cruising trim and the last 6 days and nights were with my wife and one of her best girlfriends and our dog. I was extremely cautious and tentative about how the boat would do with 3 adults and cruising gear aboard but she did great! Her sailing performance was still quite good and we were all able to sleep, cook and lounge aboard. I never tied up to a dock for the entire trip and used an inflatable SUP to shuttle the girls one at a time to shore each day! The v berth is a marvel as all 3 of us were able to sleep, albeit snugly, lying shoulder to shoulder. A big hats off to Jerry on the design and to you all at Sage Marine for a top notch build!

The pics below are of an approximation of our route and one of us at anchor on the south shore of Jones Island.



Thanks for sharing Cody!

Want to go sailing on SageCat at Annapolis Maryland?

A SageCat will be at the October 5-9, 2017, Annapolis Sailboat Show in Annapolis, MD. The SageCat will also be available for demonstration sailing the 10th and 11th of October 2017 (by appointment).
If you are interested in seeing the boat send us an email,, or call 800-621-1065.

Initial hardware install of Sage 15/SageCat electrical system

The initial hardware install of the Sage 15/SageCat prototype electrical system is complete –

initial install of parts

What you are seeing –

  • top left is the 12V ports, both ‘socket style’ and USB.
  • bottom left is the battery master.
  • bottom right is the charger extension cord hookup.
  • far right is the cooling vent for the battery charger. the charger is attached to this 1/2-bulkhead inside the starboard v-berth locker.

Now to install the wiring …

Sage 15/SageCat electrical system

How much should one complicate a 15′ boat?  This has been a primary discussion during development of the Sage 15/SageCat.  One area a boat can be made complicated is with an electrical system.  Water isn’t friendly to electrical components and the vibrations a trailerable boat experiences going down the road are equally unkind.  There is also the issue of cost … the more extensive the electrical system the price increases.  Marine rated components are expensive as is the time to install all the parts.

For the Sage 15/SageCat (S15/SC) the focus is on what can be installed quickly and with the least cost while not cutting corners on the quality of the installed system.  Looking at how the boat will be used the electrical system solves these problems –

  • charging handheld devices: cell phone(s), GPS, VHF and laptop/tablet computer
  • cabin lighting
  • running lights
  • anchor light

Wiring for running and anchor lights is extensive.  The installation of the wiring also complicates boat assembly.  With this in mind the offing will be battery operated LED lights that are US Coast Guard certified.  Details on these lights and there installation and use will be covered in a later post.

Now for handheld charging and cabin lighting a smaller battery can be used and the amount of wiring is significantly decreased.  The plan is to have a U-1 battery, a battery charger, a couple of 12V charging ports and a cabin light.


Schematic to figure the needed components.


Components ready for installation.

With the parts on hand placing them in the boat begins …


Busy boat shop and June plans

We have been very busy these past few months causing us to be slow in updating this BLOG and our forum; BUT over the past months there have been MANY posts on our Facebook and Instagram feeds (LOTS of pictures on Instagram).  There are also updates on our Twitter account.  For day-to-day Sage Marine activities these ‘social medial sites’ are a great way for you to see what we are up to.

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So what have we been busy with? Boat building and boat fixing!  New Sage 15s and SageCats are going out the door every couple of weeks in addition to Sage 17s.

In addition to building new boats we are are busy helping folks get their older boats ready for the sailing season …

… including assisting a Race to Alaska team preparing their Jerry Montgomery design for the run north from Port Townsend to Ketchikan.

This week Dave, the one typing this post, will be putting together a prototype Sage 15/SageCat electrical system.  Follow along as the system goes into the boat and the testing happens during the Puget Sound June Cruise.

This upcoming month, June 2017, Dave will be on the road and showing a SageCat on the Sage Marine West Coast Tour.  I you would like to see the boat please let us know ( & 800-621-1065).

I will be updating the social media feeds during my travels. Besides general SageCat showing I will also be taking a multi-day cruise around Northern Puget Sound.  My crew during the trip, and copilot while driving, will be the sailing & road tripping cat Momma Kitty.

momma kitty after R2AK crossing 2015

Momma Kitty in the cabin of Sage 17 001 AIR BORN after crossing the Strait of Juan de Fuca during the first leg of the 2015 Race to Alaska.