We had a plan … then things happened.

In mid-2016 one of the rare Jerry Montgomery Panthers became available and we jumped on the chance to own a piece of Montgomery Marine Products history. The Panther is a pure racing boat designed by Ron Holder. Jerry Montgomery only built about a dozen. The boat will plane in winds over about 12 knots. She has an unballasted centerboard so the crew is hiking out to keep the boat upright in anything over a light breeze. She is a fractional sloop with a HUGE main and TALL rotating mast. Jerry only built a few as his distributors were marketing the boat as a family daysailor because of the large open deck and cockpit. As she is a race boat she is a bit ‘twitchy’ and is not appropriate for casual family outings.

When we got her to the boat shop she needed a few fixes: repair the transom as the backing for the rudder gudgeons was rotten, retune the rig and fix a broken frame. Otherwise she needed some cosmetic work and the boat would be ready to sail.


Well. A strong storm came through Golden, Colorado, with 100+ miles per hour winds. The boat and trailer were picked up, meaning they flew through the air, and the boat came to a sudden crashing stop. The mast and boom are bent. The centerboard was broken. A chainplate pulled out taking part of the deck with it. One of the trailer tires came off the rim. Yeah it was one hell of a blow!.

after the windstorm

So the Panther is now available to someone willing to take on the project. All the running, standing and miscellaneous parts are present though severely damaged … and some in better condition than others (see above). She is a project. First person that takes her gets the boat! Cost – FREE! 


One week until the 2017 October Annapolis show!

Starting on 5 October Sage Marine will be at our usual place, Land Sites 80 & 81, at the Annapolis Sailboat Show.  The show runs until 9 October 2017.

Sage Marine Annapolis Show location

A Sage 17 and SageCat will be attending.  Let us know if you wish to see the boats!

Following the show, 10 & 11 October, by appointment, there will be SageCat demo sails.  If you want to sail a SageCat let us know by sending an email to info@sagemarine.com

See all’ya’all in Annapolis!

S15 & SageCat deck mold 2.0

This morning the new Sage 15 & SageCat deck mold came off the plug!

The mold will now be buffed out and receive some touchup.  Once that work is done the first production deck, a SageCat, will be made.

prototype Sage 15 sloop ready for demo sails

The prototype Sage 15 sloop ASOLARE is in Port Townsend, WA, to take part in the Race to Alaska pre-race activities and take folks on demonstration sails.

If you would like to go for a sail, between 21 June and 24 June, 2016, in Port Townsend, WA, send a note to info@sagemarine.com.  Dave will get back in touch with you and arrange a day & time.

Pictures & videos of Sage 15 sloop sailing

Here are pictures and videos of the prototype Sage 15 sloop ASOLARE sailing Port Townsend Bay, Puget Sound, WA.


Prototype Sage 15 sloop is decked!

The prototype Sage 15 sloop, ASOLARE, has been decked! (Click on images for a larger version and description.)